La Saison Sportive

We crafted an evergreen brand for La Saison Sportive, a thoughtfully-designed and responsibly-sourced knitwear company that adapts to life on the go.

La Saison Sportive is a Brooklyn-based knitwear company with a vision for uncomplicated luxury. We took the founder’s intention—elevated essentials crafted to last—and built a multidimensional brand identity from the ground up.

  • visual + verbal Identity
  • design system
  • brand guidelines
  • activation
  • product naming

We began the project with stakeholder interviews, exposing the founder’s motivation to create washable knitwear that aligns with a slow-fashion ethos. Crafted from sustainably-sourced luxury Italian yarn, these high-end pieces are made-to-order right here in New York City. Equally elevated and practical, the business very much aligns with shifting consumer attitudes for quality over quantity, an eco-conscious approach to fashion, and versatility. From day to night, season to season, place to place; the flexible style celebrates a well-lived and well-traveled life.

Inspired by the enduring qualities of nature, our creative work centered around the idea of being evergreen. From design sensibility to narrative, we brought forth a moves-with-you feeling of artfulness that appreciates beauty in the mundane and romance in the everyday. Our brand idea—‘every wear, every where’—recalls the washable aspect of the pieces, and their versatility in an ever-evolving world.

For the visual identity, we took inspiration from the timelessness of nature. The color story and photography curation is where this feeling appears the most prominently, with lush, earthy vibes and evergreen imagery. Rich shades of green are elevated with luxurious gold accents. We designed the wordmark, logomark, typography, design elements, visual system, and proof-of-concept applications that all balance versatility and poetry. Practical and playful. Sweet and savory. Elevated and enduring.

For the verbal identity, we crafted a distinct persona with pillars, tone of voice, vocabulary, artful slogans, poetry rubrics, one-liners, blurbs, and mix-and-matchable boilerplates. Together, these all became the framework for writing on-brand consumer-facing copy. We also created naming guidelines for the products themselves, inspired by the scientific terms for evergreen flora. This is yet another nod to nature that reflects the company’s eco-friendly approach and everlasting quality of the pieces.

The most whimsical aspect of the brand is a lighthearted ‘francification’ of the language. The name La Saison Sportive, after all, is French. By playfully integrating ‘frenchie’ lingo, cognates, and other literary devices, we invented a not-so-serious and distinctly unique messaging style that evokes joie de vivre. Because a well-lived life is, well, fun.

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